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 Competition Rules & Definitions 

Competition Rules

All entries for the competition must be the modeller's own work. All models placed in the competition are at the owner’s own risk. No responsibility will be taken by the show for loss or damage.

Competition Registration begins at 10:00am and models must be registered and placed on the competition tables by 12:00 Midday. Models and/or awards/medals should not be removed from the competition tables before 16:00 without the prior approval of the Competition Secretaries. Any model etc removed from the tables without prior agreement will be subject to disqualification.


Models should be placed in the correct class. If in doubt ask one of  the competition staff. A model placed in the wrong class will be placed in the correct class  by one of the Competition Secretaries.

Please remember that models are judged  against other models in the same class and comparison between  classes should not be made.

Any model that has won any kind of award in previous Scale Scotland competitions, are not eligible for entry.

In a class where there are 4 or more entries, then Gold, Silver and Bronze  medals will be awarded. Multiple Gold medals may be awarded.

In a class where there are 3 or fewer entries, the Competition  Secretaries will make the award. 

A class may be subdivided or classes amalgamated, at the  discretion of the Competition Secretaries, depending on the number of models entered for a particular class.


The Competition Secretaries reserve the right to remove any entry which, in their opinion, may cause dispute or offence.


Correspondence after the event on rule infringements or the results will not be entered into.

Junior – anyone aged 16 or below on the day of the Competition.

The Competition Secretaries’ decision is final on all Competition matters. 


SK, ASD, ASC - Due to the inclusion of resin, etched metal, 3D printed parts etc in the box with many kits, we now consider the definition of Standard kit, Detailed Kit etc to be obsolete. Therefore, all kits are now simply judged on presentation rather than those previously used, and any seatbelts, aerial wire, resin/PE etc can be used, whether after-market or not.

Scratchbuilt (SCR) – a model that can be based on a commercial kit, but has been converted or changed by use of mainly scratchbuilt, self vacformed or 3D self designed and printed parts. At least 40% of the finished model must be scratchbuilt to qualify for this class.

Vignette - up to 5 figures on a Plain Base, with  only basic groundwork.  More than 5 figures or more elaborate bases will be considered as a diorama.

Diorama - Any base that includes Vehicles and any  number of Figures, usually telling a story. Bases may include buildings, walls, fences, trees etc. Bases must not exceed 1m x 1m unless previously agreed to by the Competition Secretaries.

Models may be placed on a base, but the base will not be considered a part of the model for judging purposes. Any over-elaborate base may, at the Competition Secretaries discretion, be moved into the appropriate diorama class.

Figures may only be placed inside an aircraft or vehicle and must consist of only crew members. Figures may not be placed on the ground beside or on the aircraft or vehicle, even if they are supplied with the original kit. 

There is no category in the competition for a “Body of Work” as seen in other competitions, especially competitions where figures are the main category. All entries, other than diorama or vignette, must consist of a single vehicle, aircraft or figure.

This year, there is also no Class for Lego models at either Junior or Senior levels.

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